Natural Walking Horses

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Welcome to "Natural Walking Horses"

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"Natural Walking Horses" is a group of Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiasts who support the Tennessee Walking Horse and the natural ability and gaits where they are originally bred for. They preserve and promote the Tennessee Walking Horses that are intelligent, willing, sane and naturally gaited. The horses are barefoot or plain shod horses, who can perform a true four beat walking gait.

"Natural Walking Horses" foster the respectful and humane treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses through increased public awareness and education, and to encourage the enhancement of each animalís natural gait through good horsemanship.

The supporters of "Natural Walking Horses" feel they can only get the best out of their horses by:
* keeping the horses in a natural environment or stables appropriate to fit the natural needs as contact to nature and other horses;
* improving their own riding and horsemanship skills;
* working on harmony and partnership between horse & rider;
* training the horses regularly based on their physical capabilities and level of maturity by appropriate gymnastical workout to improve the natural gaits.

"Natural Walking Horses" support exclusively the barefoot and regular shod horses at a regular length of hoofs. Particular importance is placed on public education and training concerning the humane care, training, and treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses in Europe.

"Natural Walking Horses" has only one agenda:

Whatís best for the horse and the betterment of the breed.